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More than a kids playground, we at Plabo teach, what the schools rarely try to reach. With an intention to lend your child a well-rounded personality. A safe and welcoming environment, located in Gachibowli, has a trained child-friendly staff. Plabo runs on the concept of “Play-Explore-Learn” after school, which prides itself on nurturing talent and creativity, fostering inspiration and innovation. With activities ranging from Story Telling, Cooking, Carpentry, Music, Dance to Martial Arts; plug-in to Plabo to let your child go on an exciting ride of Art, Science & Games and make it more than a child’s play!

PLABO parties

Dino Island

It is an interactive children's museum where young minds learn basic concepts through educational play-based interactive exhibits. This zone also has over 100 exhibits for children to play, learn, and discover the world around them.