best place for kids
best place for kids

Best Place for kids to be at, PLABO, has each and every zone carefully designed and crafted, to awaken a child's Curiosity and Imagination. The one-stop destination is divided into two sections – Playarium & Explorium.

Playarium is meant for pure play, see your child fly high, leap on the merry-go-round and hit the ball into the sky. Here kids Exercise, Run, Climb, Tumble, Slide, to the extent of fun that knows no bounds.

Where Play Matters...

Childhood is a time that stays nostalgic for all alike. It is during this phase of life, happiness is in the little joys. An aspect we as adults tend to forget growing up. Playarium is a place set up by keeping exactly this in mind, to let the child just be.

At PLAYARIUM with 100 exhibits in place, kids get to do Zing Zong, Bing Bong. The little buddies, bounce in the Bald Pit, Twist in the slides, and Hop on the Trampoline, do some Rock Climbing, Zorbing, Rope activity and so much more. A bright, colourful and lively environment welcomes its door to kids, which allows them to explore, discover and be footloose! Where safety is a priority, and there is no disparity. With the intention to cater varied experiences to children, while they also equip themselves to do better.

Pay us a visit to see for yourselves, what a delightful experience, the Playarium is. May be your kid could end up making a few friends, and perhaps you gain some too!

best place for kids best place for kids best place for kids
best place for kids