Kids play zone Franchise in Hyderabad

PLABO - Kids play zone in Hyderabad is open to franchising, and cordially extends its hand to prospective franchisees, to expand its footprint.

PLABO management (the franchisor) will continuously assist in monitoring and managing the centre, to make sure that the best practices get implemented at the franchises end.

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Set Up: he franchisor will assist franchises right from choosing the right location, its architecture, designing to launching of the centre.

Training: Comprehensive training would be provided to all the franchisees on service operations, standard check up procedures, accounting, inventory control etc.

Procurement: To ensure uniformity at all centres, the franchisor will provide active support in the procurement of all equipment from trusted vendors and suppliers.

Operations Manual: The franchisor will provide an Operations Manual, which will ensure uniformity in operations and help in smoothen out business.

Franchisee Coordinator: The franchisor will appoint a coordinator to bridge the communication between the franchisee and the franchisor.

Great Reasons to franchise with Plabo
  • Proven business model in the field of play and edutainment
  • Potential for high ROI, attractive payback period with ever-increasing demand for services
  • Leverage the brand name to capture the huge untapped market
  • Access to high quality innovative products developed by PLABO R&D team
  • Competitive advantage in terms of quality and the diverse service offerings
  • Wide range of services and products all under one roof
  • High potential industry with scope for higher growth
  • Continuous 360-degree day to day expert guidance and support
  • Complete support in terms of training, best practices, industry know-how
  • Highly professional management team, passionate about children's learning
  • Added revenues sources through birthday parties, school visits, etc.
  • A unique playful experience that drives kids to Play. Explore. Learn.
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